Judi Riley drifts through her days in a creative swirl of paint and fabrics, and usually a handful of chocolate macadamia nut cookies and a good cup of coffee.

Author, Illustrator, Designer, Artist, Dreamer Judi inherited her love of inventing and experimenting from her dad who was a chemical/civil engineer and mad scientist. On both sides of her family tree, her relatives are very out of the box artists, explorers and creators. On her mom’s side: 8 generations ago, 8 ship building brothers sailed from Europe and founded Gander Newfoundland. That’s where she inherited her sailing gene and her love of all things water. Some day she will live on a boat and sail the ocean’s azure blues with an easel, a big paint brush, her kid and her very big dog.

It’s hardly surprising that Judi’s 7 year old, Cooper, inherited the explorer, inventor, adventurer, artist gene. Inspired by the beauty of Hawai’i, Judi and Cooper create all sorts of projects together and are happiest when covered in paint or ocean spray.

Judi, Judi, Judi ...

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